We Once Were Poets

We once were poets
young spirits gazing
through scruffy faces
and shiny glint eyes
allowing the muse to scream
with reckless abandon
as her song echoed
through our heats
through our minds
through our fingers
as we bled inken souls
onto whatever scratch of paper
we could find

Oh, the life my heart knew
when its beat was felt
through my chest
through my mouth
through my fingers
and out my toes
it is such a treasured day
where I bear occasion
to feel that way again

When the song of Wind
the rhythm of Earth
the percussion of Fire
the melody of Water
and the voice of God
in the silence between them
blending the arrangement
into an orchestra
so mighty
and subtle
that sometimes
and is often
never heard

Sometimes on a lazy Sabbath
when a light shines through
from a torch in a hand
extending the birth of creation
I am thankful that poets
never die
they just stop writing

Write the World


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