The Power of the Pen

When I was on the road writing The Rucksack Letters, I had the good fortune to find a few manual typewriters when I needed them. I really loved the experience of writing on them. There is something so romantic and magical about that sound. I wrote quite a bit of my book with manual typewriters, wrote a screenplay on the bank of the Willamette River, and another one in Los Angeles. However, I was never thrilled about writing longhand.

54686_pen_and_notebookTo call my handwriting chicken scratch is putting it mildly. My handwriting gives new meaning to the word “illegible.” Nevertheless, in the days since it has become my only recourse, I have become quite enamored with the process again. There is a fluidity to it that seems almost spiritual.

I’ve often said what a great feeling it is to hold a completed type-written manuscript in my hands. Now, I’m finding a glimmer of that same satisfaction every time I reach the bottom of a page, and the pen still wants to write more.

My hope is that my handwriting will improve over time. Moreso, I hope it improves my writing.


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