Where this is going…

Where this is going can only be discovered upon repeat visits because I can imagine much more quickly than I can write. So I think it best that I start our tour of opportunity right here, since this is where life is presently happening.

For me, the purpose of this website is to explore new avenues of thought in all directions: politics, society, philosophy, environmental sustainability, spirituality, and basically every facet of the human condition, in order to help us in reaching that next level of our collective evolution. So many of the concepts and means we are currently using have grown tired and ineffective. It is time that we give them a Second Thought. As we propel ourselves forward as a society and a people, as we offer this space as a sounding board for the ideas of our future, the call for you is to Inspire Us.

Where is this journey taking us? As the voice of American democracy has been usurped so often by talking heads on cable television, and the instrument of democracy is so often seized by corporations and power mongers, it is our hope that this vehicle will give us the opportunity to reclaim the power of our voices and the courage to reclaim our democracy.

imagineWe now have the opportunity to look beyond the bureaucracy of our governments, beyond the borders of our country, beyond the differences in our races, creeds, and beliefs, beyond the tried and true methods we have habitually used to find those that have become little more than ineffective actions of consequence instead of the methods of world reform we so dearly need. We can tear down the walls of isolation. We can consider our neighbor’s point of view. We can re-create our community. Of the People. By the People. For the People.

It seems to me that the Internet has become the last great bastion of free speech, and it is my hope that we will utilize this gift to fully appreciate the opportunities that it brings. It is my prayer that we use it responsibly and consciously. It is my dream that we use it at all.

What’s on your mind? Where have we gone wrong? What can we do better? What seems to be working? As we step out in faith that the words that follow, be they journalism, prose, poetry, or prayers, be they audio, video, still, or raging, will bring about the changes we want to see in the world. It is our hope that the ideas that are shared through this venue will be guided by a simple motivation… Inspire Us.

For those of you who think in full Technicolor, where words are not enough to convey what is on your beautiful mind, for those who have been so inundated with the talking of organizations, religions, governments, politicians, and long-winded wanderers who have nothing better to do with their time than spend countless hours in front of a radiated plastic box and consider interesting configurations of letters as they come to his mind, that you can no longer bear the thought of creating more words… We need Artists!

Though my motto for many years has been to “write the world,” it is my conclusion that mere words are often not enough to convey where our dreams can take us. Art speaks to and from our souls beyond mere vocabulary. Musicians, Film Makers, Photographers, Painters. Sculptors, and yes, even writers. There is a place for you here. Help us as we celebrate the lessons we have learned from our expressions, and carry on the education.

TMC web pic cropped

As for me, I tend to write. I dabble in video as well, but InkenSoul is where I bleed my inken soul onto paper (or in the less romantic sense I bleed my typed soul into a laptop). However it comes through, I hope it does your heart good and helps to expand your mind.

Write the World.

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