How am I going to get anything done now?

Yesterday, I leapt into the technological revolution and purchased an iPhone. When my wife informed me a few weeks ago that I was due for an upgrade, I dismissed it, quite content with my Blackjack. Then I had lunch with some friends last week who had iPhones of their own. While I was incredibly impressed with all of the gadgets and capabilities, it was the video aspect of the iPhone 3GS that won me over.

As a filmmaker, I’ve been limping along for awhile now. When I decided last year to focus primarily on my writing, I sold my good video camera, leaving me only with my Canon hand cam (primarily used for capturing due to its grainy and pixelated recording). However, there were still films I wanted to make. Possibly not big anything of any budget or anything for any money, but I tend to enjoy doing smaller, more passionate projects anyway.

Nevertheless, when I recently got a new laptop computer that would help me write wherever I want without having to set up the portable but cumbersome Palm Pilot and wireless keyboard on which I had written my last book and screenplay, it came without a firewire port. This meant that even if I could afford to purchase another copy of Adobe Premiere Pro to edit on and a camera with the picture quality to make it worthwhile, I would have no way to capture from it.

And then I saw the images captured on the iPhone. Granted, the screen was small, but it looked so much crisper than anything I had ever thought to record on my Blackjack. A little more research, and I realized that Windows Movie Maker was quite suitable for what I would want to edit. Not being that technically adept, I never really used most of the capabilities that Adobe Premiere Pro offered anyway.

So, since we are moving to a new place with lower rent and lower utility bills, I discussed the iPhone with my wife, and we decided to purchase one.  For the waking portion of the last twenty four hours, I have been figuring out how to best use it and spending inordinate amounts of that time playing with apps. Did you know that you can make your iPhone sound like a lightsaber?


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