Have the Right taken over Amazon?

I recently wrote and posted a review of Threshold by Thom Hartmann. When I went to Amazon to get the link so that my readers could purchase a copy, I did a search for “Threshold.” Considering that Thom Hartmann is an extremely vocal Progressive (some would say Liberal), I found it incredibly odd that his book was the seventh in the list of results, the first several were books by the notoriously Conservative Glenn Beck, none of whose books have anything to do with the word “Threshold,” and the other was a Conservative manifesto by someone named Mark Levin.

What’s going on here? Why would Glenn Beck’s book come up when I’m looking for Thom Hartmann? Is it a conservative conspiracy? Have they infiltrated the Amazon search engine in hopes of dissuading free thinkers from gaining access to ideas that are contrary to theirs? Very odd.

Just in case, now more than before, I highly recommend everyone get a copy of Threshold and read it cover to cover.



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