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Though fashion is usually not my forte, every now and then I run across and item that is just too cool to pass up. Like most fashion fads, this one again comes via Hollywood. And although it’s pretty green, I never imagined I would get so excited over something made popular by zombies.

Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson

My wife sent me an article from Ecorazzi the other day about Woody Harrelson. It mentioned how the longtime Modern Hippie agreed to do his latest film Zombieland with the provision that the makers of the film take certain precautions to green up the set.  Even more intriguing was his request that his character wear The Real Deal Tarp Hat.

The Real Deal hats are hand sewn by villagers in Brazil out of recycled canvas tarpaulins. Whereas many hats are desired for their sleek appeal, the Real Deal hats are praised for their ruggedness. These hats have been driven through the Amazon rainforests. They have secured all types of cargo through all sorts of inclement weather. Then the villagers fashion them into some really charming hats. I assume they wash them somewhere along the line.

The Real Deal

The Real Deal

No two hats are the same. Some may look more tattered than others. Some may have Portuguese writing. Some may have variances in color. Some may even have patches. Each one is malleable enough to shape however you like the wear it. The website even offers about a half dozen different suggestions to get the look you want.

So if you’re looking for something to keep the sun off your neck and out of your eyes, these hats were truly made for protection. Be forewarned though. Since each hat is hand sewn, you never know exactly what the hat you order is going to look like. But then again, if you’ve got the cajones to order one in the first place, you’re probably not going to care.

Find The Real Deal at

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