Looking for inspiration

I am looking for inspiration.

I have written a fictional book based on the tenets of excellence espoused by a number of ideologies. I am looking for individuals and businesses that exemplify these tenets so that I may further write about them and share their stories with others. Basically, I am looking to write about heroes. It has been said that we are the change we have been waiting for. I want to write about those changes.

So if you have been inspired by someone or by a business, please let me know. Send
me a link or tell me their story in your own words and let me share it.

If you want to hear more stories about good things going on in the world, subscribe to my blog at www.inkensoulpress.com, or better yet, go to www.themcallistercode.com, buy my book for only a dollar and get involved in the adventure of making the most of the lives that we have.

Thank you and God bless,

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