Aliens Among Us

I opened my eyes with a few blinks as reality rolled to a stop like a slot machine register. I saw two faces look down upon me. They were unlike any faces I had ever seen before. They were… well, alien. Large, soft black eyes blinked at me from cocked heads shaped like eggplants. Their skin was the color of ivory and just as smooth, their eyes the only protrusions with two small holes for nostrils beneath them and small slits for mouths upturned as if they were… smiling?

I didn’t know what to do? I didn’t know what to say? Though I recalled what brought me here and how the events took place, I didn’t understand what happened.

As if reading my thoughts, one of them spoke. “You fell,” he said. He had a voice like melted pudding, smooth and silky with a slight bubbly rasp to it.

“I fell?”

“Yes,” the other one said with a slightly higher lilt to his voice. “It happens quite a lot with your kind.”

“What happens a lot?”

“You fall. Would you like some help up?”

I looked back and forth between the two of them. They looked almost identical except for a slight difference in size and color. “Who are you?”

They looked at one another, and then back to me. The lighter, darker one said, “You may call me Yewell.” He nodded to the other,” And this is Iman.” Iman instantly grew a bit in size and deeper hue.

“Are you… aliens?” I asked.

“Not where we come from.”

“And where is that exactly?”

“Somewhere else,” Yewell said.

This is an excerpt from The McAllister Code. To be a part of the adventure and read the entire story, go to


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