The Orb

I took a few steps forward and froze. As I approached it, a soft glow began emanating from the back room. I slowly walked toward it, my heart rate quadrupling with each footfall. I reached my hand forward and pushed the door open, my eyes opening widely at the spectacle that appeared before me.
In the center of the room, a glowing orb hovered a few feet above the floor. About the size of the beach ball, the orb was mostly blue with clouds wisping through it, as if it encompassed the sky within its circumference. It drew the light from the rest of the room, and I forgot for a moment where I was.
I took a few more steps toward it, mesmerized by its motion as swirling clouds began to take shape inside of it. As my consciousness was drawn into the globe, I experienced what can only be described as deja vu, however, it was unlike any deja vu that I’d experienced before.

This is an excerpt from The McAllister Code. To be a part of the adventure and read the entire story for only one dollar, go to


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