The Arrival

I found the address on Orange Avenue and looked again at what I had scribbled. Surely enough, the address was correct, but the sign on the building said “Life Skills Institute.” This couldn’t be the right place. I stared at the building for a moment and considered my options as my fingers drummed the steering wheel.
I’d been duped, that much was for sure. But by whom? Who would write such a thing and go to all of the trouble of inventing a PR company to get it printed. A book about aliens? It’s never been a genre I’ve really gotten into. Whoever wrote it must not know me very well. Aliens. Somebody was trying to make a fool out of me.
Then a strange yet familiar sound echoed off of the oak trees surrounding the parking lot. I’d heard it before, and recently. I closed my eyes and listened.
Spinning lights darted across my eye lids and they popped open immediately as the sound came to an end. It was the sound I’d heard the night before when I saw whatever it was that I had seen.
I looked at the building once again. Aliens?

This is an excerpt from The McAllister Code. To be a part of the adventure and read the entire story for only one dollar, go to


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