Ethical Markets Media

As we come out of this slump in the economy, which I hear we are on our way, wouldn’t you like to do things the right way? Wouldn’t you like your money to go to something other than companies that are only going to cause more woe for the planet and its inhabitants? Consider SRI’s (Socially Responsible Investing).

My wife introduced me to a new website (she introduces me to most new websites) that specializes in educating people on socially responsible investing. It’s called Ethical Market Media. It’s truly outstanding and offers a wealth of information through articles, video, audio, and more.

According to the website, “ provides news and perspective on socially responsible investing, global corporate citizenship and LOHAS through reports, articles, newsletters and video gathered from around the world with analysis by our editor-in-chief, Hazel Henderson.”

So do yourself and the rest of the world a favor, when you consider investing, consider investing in the planet.


2 thoughts on “Ethical Markets Media

  1. I'm searching for different websites with SRI content. is one of the better ones. Thanks! :-)Lars Knudsen

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