Working for Good

I met a new friend on by the name of Jeff Klein. Jeff has wonderfully demonstrated many of the points that are woven into the fabric of The McAllister Code. He has a website at where he will soon be launching his book. I could try to paraphrase his mission, but I think it sounds better coming from him.

“Working for Good is…
An approach to business and work based on the understanding that the process is the product: how we conduct ourselves in business deeply influences the results we produce and the world we create. Our intention with Working for Good is to provide a meaningful context and essential tools to support you in deeply expressing your humanity through your work; to establish a sense of aspirational purpose grounded in principles that sustain you in the face of adversity; and to find rich experience and deep fulfillment.

The five essential skills of Working for Good – Awareness, Embodiment, Connection, Collaboration, and Integration – form a self-reinforcing system that supports you to cultivate your humanity and bring it to work, for the benefit of yourself, your business, and the greater good.”

If you sign up for his newsletter, you can download a free eBook called 26 Principles of Working for Good. It’s a really quick read at only 41 pages, but it is full of inspiring quotes and great information for anyone trying to make a difference in and through their work.


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