The Vision

I figured that the harsh winds had something to do with it, so I went outside to survey the damage assumed that a transformer blew somewhere and that my entire street would be sheathed in darkness. However, when I stepped to the center of the windswept street, I was amazed to see streetlights burning and each and every house but mine was glowing with incandescent light from the windows.

I looked back to my house, and sure enough, it was the only one swathed in darkness.

Then came the sound. A guttural rumbling echoed through the night sky like the blowing of a trumpet submerged in castor oil. I looked up in the direction of the bubbling roar and saw a swirling array of lights arc across the evening canvas. The vision lasted only an instant as the object moved from the east to west, but the resounding grumble of it reverberated in my ears long after it was out of sight.

When it was gone, I expected my neighbors to emerge from their homes and look to the sky to see what had created the clamor, but not a soul stirred. I expected curtains to part as necks craned upwards to catch sight of the commotion, but the lit up houses remained as still and silent as Halloween jack-o-lanterns.

This is an excerpt from The McAllister Code. To be a part of the adventure and read the entire story for only one dollar, go to


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