The Beginning

My latest book, The McAllister Code, was written by developing an outline derived from several different ideological paradigms. By laying these paradigms side my side and seeing how they interweave, I wrote the story by following the consistent flow between all of them. Upon reading it, some of them are more glaring than others, but I would like to use the next few blogs to state what paradigms were used, and continue to write about them over the coming months and discuss how they were used in the book. I feel that I have been drawn to these, because each of these paradigms describe the human experience and can help us as we make our way to whatever “next level” we are striving for.

The first is one of the oldlest, but it is still used today in every story that is told. Aristotle, in his book Poetics, wrote of the Three Acts.

The Beginning
The Middle
The End

The first of these Acts is The Beginning. Every story, evey project, every relationship, everything starts at the beginning. Some beginnings are big and bold and some beginnings are hardly noticable. Like Lao Tzu said, the greatest journey starts with a single step. Whatever that step is, regardless of the magnitude it might appear to have, it starts a remarkable chain of events called “The Journey.”

Now this “Journey” may be an actual physical journey or it may be a spiritual one. It may be mental or it may be emotional. But every event that happens is the beginning of something. Every single thing that happens on this planet incurs a chain of events leading to change. This is the Journey. It is the change brought about by the initial event, the first step. For as it is written, the End is embedded in the Beginning.

That first step, that initial action, contains the promise of whatever the end result might be. Our duty lies in focusing our attention on the events and taking the steps that will lead to the changes we want in our lives. Sometimes these changes are of our own doing, and sometimes we are merely instruments of their evolution.

As far as The McAllister Code goes, a few years ago, someone, and I don’t yet know who, took a step and wrote into existence the possiblity that a book written by me would make my beloved hometown of Sarasota into a marketing mecca. They took the first step which set in motion the book that will be released on July 1st of this year. May you enjoy this particular journey as much as I am.

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