One World Everybody Eats

My wife gave me an article to read in “More” magazine, and I just thought the story was incredible. So I have to share it.

In Salt Lake City, Utah, a woman named Denise Cerreta has opened a ‘pay what you want’ restaurant called One World Everybody Eats. The restaurant, or community kitchen as it is called, is buffet style, and there are no prices for the food. So the customers are a diverse mix of homeless people and business people sitting side by side.

There is a sign by the buffet asking patrons to “donate a fair, respectable amount.” Those who can’t afford anything can volunteer in the kitchen or the garden. The average donation is between $8 and $10, and the menu changes every day.

One of the really exciting things is that nothing is wasted. Patrons take only what they can eat, and everything left over is composted instead of thrown in the garbage. Where a regular restaurant would fill a dumpster in a weekend, One World Everybody Eats fills a garbage can.

If you’re in the Salt Lake area, drop in for a visit and a good meal.

For more information on One World Everybody Eats and their mission to end world hunger, go to


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