About Life

“Exactly why did you pick me?”

“Because you paid attention,” Yewell stated. “Do you think you’re the only one we’ve sent messages to? That’s our entire mission here: to speak to your people.”

“About what?”

“About life.”

“I thought you wanted me to write about marketing?”

“We do.”

“So what’s that have to do with life?”


“I don’t understand.”

“Most don’t,” Yewell said with a shrug. “That’s why we want you to help us. You see, as often as we try to communicate with your kind, most of you turn a blind eye.”

“Or a deaf ear,” Iman interjected.

“Exactly,” Yewell continued. “Your kind has greatly excelled at using your power to create many wonderful things with your words, however you have also used them to build boundaries and fortresses outside of which you can no longer comprehend.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you humans have developed this habit of only using ten percent of your brain. If we try to speak to you in a manner that is beyond what you allow yourself to use, the majority of you miss it. So we figured that we’d try to speak in a language that you’d understand though a conduit that you can relate to.”

“And you think that marketing is the language and I’m the conduit?”

“That wasn’t so hard now, was it?” Yewell said.

This is an excerpt from The McAllister Code. To be a part of the adventure and read the entire story for only one dollar, go to www.themcallistercode.com.


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Looking for inspiration

I am looking for inspiration.

I have written a fictional book based on the tenets of excellence espoused by a number of ideologies. I am looking for individuals and businesses that exemplify these tenets so that I may further write about them and share their stories with others. Basically, I am looking to write about heroes. It has been said that we are the change we have been waiting for. I want to write about those changes.

So if you have been inspired by someone or by a business, please let me know. Send
me a link or tell me their story in your own words and let me share it.

If you want to hear more stories about good things going on in the world, subscribe to my blog at www.inkensoulpress.com, or better yet, go to www.themcallistercode.com, buy my book for only a dollar and get involved in the adventure of making the most of the lives that we have.

Thank you and God bless,

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Write the World

“We want you to write the world,” said Yewell.

“You want me to what?”

“Write the world,” repeated Iman.

“Do you mean you want me to write to the world or about the world?”

Again, they looked at one another and back at me. “Yes,” they said in unison.

“I don’t understand.”

“Didn’t you read the press release?”

“Yeah, but it was about a book that I haven’t written. I’ve never even heard of it.”

“We’re optimistic,” said Iman.

“Wait a minute,” I said, “you really want me to write a book about marketing? What makes you think I know anything about marketing?”

Yewell looked at me oddly. “You don’t know what marketing is?”

“Well, yeah, I know what it is. It’s like advertising and stuff.”

They looked at one another, and then back to me. “Hmmm,” Yewell said. “You do have a bit to learn.”

This is an excerpt from The McAllister Code. To be a part of the adventure and read the entire story for only one dollar, go to www.themcallistercode.com.

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Aliens Among Us

I opened my eyes with a few blinks as reality rolled to a stop like a slot machine register. I saw two faces look down upon me. They were unlike any faces I had ever seen before. They were… well, alien. Large, soft black eyes blinked at me from cocked heads shaped like eggplants. Their skin was the color of ivory and just as smooth, their eyes the only protrusions with two small holes for nostrils beneath them and small slits for mouths upturned as if they were… smiling?

I didn’t know what to do? I didn’t know what to say? Though I recalled what brought me here and how the events took place, I didn’t understand what happened.

As if reading my thoughts, one of them spoke. “You fell,” he said. He had a voice like melted pudding, smooth and silky with a slight bubbly rasp to it.

“I fell?”

“Yes,” the other one said with a slightly higher lilt to his voice. “It happens quite a lot with your kind.”

“What happens a lot?”

“You fall. Would you like some help up?”

I looked back and forth between the two of them. They looked almost identical except for a slight difference in size and color. “Who are you?”

They looked at one another, and then back to me. The lighter, darker one said, “You may call me Yewell.” He nodded to the other,” And this is Iman.” Iman instantly grew a bit in size and deeper hue.

“Are you… aliens?” I asked.

“Not where we come from.”

“And where is that exactly?”

“Somewhere else,” Yewell said.

This is an excerpt from The McAllister Code. To be a part of the adventure and read the entire story, go to www.themcallistercode.com.

The Raw Truth

Though Sarasota has many things to be proud of (the great weather, the pristine beaches, the scores of art galleries and theatres), one of our most recent bright spots is a girl who just wanted to dress up for Halloween. A few years ago, when Jenna Norwood tried to fit into a showgirl costume, she didn’t like what she saw in the mirror. So she took her journey to a better figure and turned it into a small empire.

Jenna has been a vegetarian for most of her life, but admitted to herself that she was a junk food vegetarian, binging on pizza, chocolate, french fries and other foods that don’t exactly scream “healthy.” Jenna started doing her research on a way to clean up her diet and raise her energy. She chronicled her choice to wellness in the documentary “Supercharge Me: 30 Days Raw.”

An answer to “Super Size Me,” the biting commentary (no pun intended) by Morgan Spulock on the way fast food (McDonald’s in general) is largely responsible for our country’s obesity problem, Jenna decided to take her film in another direction. Instead of eating nothing but fast food for 30 days, she ate nothing but raw food. A fan favorite and award winner at several film festivals, “Supercharge Me: 30 Days Raw” opened up the door for Jenna to develop her own podcast of raw food recipes and even open her own raw food restaurant in Sarasota called Vibe Cuisine.

Sometimes called “Rachel Raw,” Jenna is truly making a name for herself and raising the consciousness of the community toward a healthier diet and a more sustainable planet. She’s been featured in over a dozen newspapers and blogs, radio, and television. For more information on Jenna, “Supercharge Me: 30 Days Raw,” or to find some really great raw food recipies, visit her at www.jennanorwood.com.

Tell her Steve says “Hi.”

The Orb

I took a few steps forward and froze. As I approached it, a soft glow began emanating from the back room. I slowly walked toward it, my heart rate quadrupling with each footfall. I reached my hand forward and pushed the door open, my eyes opening widely at the spectacle that appeared before me.
In the center of the room, a glowing orb hovered a few feet above the floor. About the size of the beach ball, the orb was mostly blue with clouds wisping through it, as if it encompassed the sky within its circumference. It drew the light from the rest of the room, and I forgot for a moment where I was.
I took a few more steps toward it, mesmerized by its motion as swirling clouds began to take shape inside of it. As my consciousness was drawn into the globe, I experienced what can only be described as deja vu, however, it was unlike any deja vu that I’d experienced before.

This is an excerpt from The McAllister Code. To be a part of the adventure and read the entire story for only one dollar, go to www.themcallistercode.com.

Ethical Markets Media

As we come out of this slump in the economy, which I hear we are on our way, wouldn’t you like to do things the right way? Wouldn’t you like your money to go to something other than companies that are only going to cause more woe for the planet and its inhabitants? Consider SRI’s (Socially Responsible Investing).

My wife introduced me to a new website (she introduces me to most new websites) that specializes in educating people on socially responsible investing. It’s called Ethical Market Media. It’s truly outstanding and offers a wealth of information through articles, video, audio, and more.

According to the website, “EthicalMarkets.com provides news and perspective on socially responsible investing, global corporate citizenship and LOHAS through reports, articles, newsletters and video gathered from around the world with analysis by our editor-in-chief, Hazel Henderson.”

So do yourself and the rest of the world a favor, when you consider investing, consider investing in the planet.