The Autonomous Nation of Stevetopia

I´m seceding from the United States and starting my own autonomous nation. I mean, it´s like Buddy Wakefield said, ¨I love my country, I just think we should start seeing other people.¨ I mean, I´m sure that Amerigo Vespucci was a great guy and we should honor him for whatever it was he did to get two continents and the most powerful country in the world named after him, but, yeah, what did he do? Discovered that South America was big? Really? Two continents and the most powerful country in the world for that? I mean, I love America for the most part, but now that we spend so much of our energy on violence, destruction, massive consumption, and unbridled ignorance, well, we´re kinda dicks.

And since our voting process has been completely co-opted by two political parties that are most literally two heads of the same coin, I don´t really believe that the government is of, by, and for the people anymore. So I´m starting my own autonomous country with a population of one.

My new country is called Stevetopia, if you will. In Stevetopia, citizens ride bicycles because they provide good exercise, increased mental clarity, silence, fun, and no emissions. Besides, in Stevetopia , we don´t have driverś licenses because we refuse to give in to the fascist regime of the Georgia State Highway Patrol and pay for their speedtrap shenanigans. Down with fascism! We walk from here.

In Stevetopia, all recreational drugs are legal to keep them from becoming industries of enslavement and violence, and we curb substance abuse by directing addicts toward greater experiences of optimal enjoyment to satiate the need to express themselves and evolve. Or we just get high and play music.

In Stevetopia, nobody owns anything. We are merely caretakers of the things in our circle of influence, which is currently everything in about a four foot circumference around my body, and everything I´ve ever peed on.

In Stevetopia,wenotonlyholdtheselfevidenttruthofeachmanhavinganinherentrighttolife,liberty,andthepursuitofhappiness,butwealsopromotedirectingthoserightstowardthedevelopmentofpeace,love,andunderstanding.Becausein Stevetopia,wethinkpeace,love,andunderstandingareahellofalotmoreconducivetothechilledoutlifestyleofcreativity,goodfood,andsmilingfacesI¨mtryingtocultivatethanwar,apathy,andignorance.

Steve McAllister is the author of The Rucksack Letters and How to Survive an Estralarian Mind Meld. He posts regularly at, and sometimes posts at Anything Arts, Sarasota Music Scene, and Elephant Journal, and is currently the Director of Operational Development for the Common Wealth Time Bank in Sarasota, Florida. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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